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Our studio
is for everyone.

We welcome young folks, old folks, & those in the middle.


Bring your injuries, your beginner-ness, your Self.


Bring your experience or lack of it. 


We are here to practice yoga so we feel good. It's that simple.

We put our whole hearts into this space

When we got this house, we didn't know we'd turn it into a community center. But that's what it's become. 

We are proud to be in the center of Exeter, an exhale from the hustle and bustle of Visalia. This shala, or refuge, is a place of rest, invigoration, and wellness.

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It was a coincidence we came across this sweet little house, through a friend and practitioner in the studio. We hadn't thought about opening a studio, but now that this space presented itself, we were sure that we didn't want something where folks had to pay for parking or hear a lot of street noise while they rested and relaxed in shivasana. 

We gutted the whole thing, laid down new floors, created murals inside and out, and opened the space to the outdoors with a new deck, and refreshed it entirely. It is perfect for workshop gatherings, photos and video shoots, and a place for people to gather.

You are welcome here.

With gratitude,

Dina & Jessi

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